The succession in the company, a social duty

We read in these times of conflict within Luxottica, in fact, a real power struggle for the succession of the Patron Leonardo Del Vecchio has an empire to be divided among 6 children and a wife …

The Italian business success is characterized by great people can bring their ideas and willingness to best world levels.

However, these brilliant people, generally formidable on
product, market and finance have these 2 weakness points,
management and the second generation

There is a moment in the growth of a successful company, in which the dimensions of the same start to run away from the hands of the entrepreneur or the few founding members, in my experience 2 events mark the achievement of this point, one dimensional, that is, say the company exports more than 50% of the product and leaves the size of a single place where everything happens, one of turnover in my experience corresponds to overcome the psychological and economic threshold of 50 Mln Euros
At this point serves structure, a commercial, logistical production and administration.
But … Who entrust this?

These base points and if the entrepreneur is illuminated knows how much to delegate control, it is called corporate culture

  • delegation

These behaviors encountered in business unenlightened, divide ut impera, denunciation and subjectivity characterize this style of management.

  • centralization 
  • distrust
  • surveillance

At this point comes into play the next generation

The enlightened entrepreneur,

rightly enriched gave well-being and income generation for the next 100 which has 2-way front

Understand if the children have talent, ability and desire to continue what was started and consequentially must prepare their programs of educational and experiential as to make them ready to join the company at the appropriate time (without haste, but after seeing and understand how they work excellence in the world)

If the children do not have what it takes to pursue .then should be given to business continuity management with a board of control, but with ample powers to the management not to interfere in the newspaper but reserving the property indicating the guidelines

The entrepreneur is not illuminated
Donate to the welfare of children who did not enjoy, puts them in a cocoon made ​​of the safety of his lifestyle and management, the school, yes, but not too much, around the world holiday for you but …
Teaches distrust those leeches managers and to have people trust them to do the spy …

On what might be the fate of these two types of company leaves you …

I open one last point

Succession as a social duty

If a company grows and is successful thanks to those who created it in the first place and those who work in the second round

At a time when it has to do with the reality that involve hundreds or thousands of people is in my opinion the duty of continuity in time and that’s why I think that the issues of managerial and second generation must take account of a moral duty to give continuity to the socio-economic enterprise, called Company



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