A power outlet can become a tourist attraction?

The automotive world is destined, in my humble opinion, but I’m 20 years we slam the nose, in these 2 scenarios:

  • While remaining the prestige brands (Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, etc.) the car is destined to become a commodity
  •  the future is electric traction

Well, if we start from this assumption we see how large groups, especially Toyota with its 10 year head start on the hybrid, BMW series with the “I” and the phenomenon that Tesla wants to become the Intel of the technology of electric propulsion with its logic open source, they are working on it.

Well well, the current limit of electric traction is autonomy, it ranges from 100 to 500km, but maybe if I have the right connection in the house that covers me with no problems the way home – work and short trips, the same can not be said if I wanted to move far from my house.

it’s like when you have a car LPG, in one way or another you have to support a network of refueling points, the only difference being that we use to make gas the same time to fill the tank of diesel fuel for which the ‘operation is conceptually fast.

Recharge batteries instead is, with current technology, a different matter, takes time, and the more time passes the more autonomy you have.

With the current systems in 30 minutes you get d 20 to 30 km range, or with instruments such as the Super Charger Tesla will get 250 km

What does this mean, that to charge the battery will lean to places that provide other services, from catering to the supermarket, to the sport at the cinema.

In the cities it will be easy to find this combination, we think of shopping malls or cinemas, out of the city if we enter into the logic of having a fast charging point every 150-200 km opportunities arise …

I go to my beloved Dolomites Sappada and I hypothesize a scenario.

The tourist has elettica car, a I3 or a Tesla, must necessarily assess where and how to charge the car, the action to meet this requirement can be summarized as follows:

hotels provide overnight charging, low investment and service to offer as a plus

special places for recreation (Golf, Tennis, Theme Parks) join and offer the service of fast charging, allowing transit between various locations
Here, I go to the restaurant and reloading the car or I’m going to play golf and reloading the machine, what does this mean?

It means creating a network location ‘”Super Charger”, today absolutely elitist, but surely recall.

Well, what to expect, my dear friends and neighbors Sappada to do first?

Let’s talk!



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