Reshoring … ..where land my factory?

Well, we said in the previous posting that at some point we realize that the factory in China is not ‘cos more convenient as it was 5 years ago.

I make a good analysis of TCO and chased the manager and that is’ made ​​gold braid reasoning only on price, but where do I land the production?

If I still have the empty shed waiting for could be okay, but if I dismantled everything?

But if I still shed but the cost and problems are still the ones that made me go?

Here ‘comes into play the real analysis of Reshoring not only understand if I have to go back, but where, how and with whom.


BCG , has provided us with an illuminating analysis I call, nations such as the UK, Austria and Switzerland have become competitive for reshoring.

How so?

Let’s talk about the tax wedge, the digital divide, infrastructure and bureaucracy, let’s talk about the real economy and not slogans.

  • The tax wedge and ‘given by the real difference between what is perceived by the staff and how much actually spent by the company and must be analyzed country by country
  • Digital divide, the network component and its use impacting around 25% of the company’s business to be efficient and effective if the network must be a commodity of real broadband
  • Infrastructure and bureaucracy, namely the certainty and simplicity of the times and rules all based in a service logic of bureaucracy to the business regulated by the certainty of the rules

Well done these analyzes what happens?

Let’s all go to London?



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