Maserati MC 12 A photo A story

After the production of the Ferrari Enzo will introduce ‘a great opportunity, in the logic of revamping the brand Maserati had the opportunity to have a supercar with design and production costs, extremely competitive.

The carbon fiber chassis, engine and gearbox and the assembly line were ready at the end of the production of the Enzo, add a body that would allow an easy transition to endurance races for the team of Giorgio Ascanelli was basically simple and them ‘we started with the development and production

target 27 cars produced for FIA homologation and participate in the endurance championship and why not at Le Mans …

Well all set to have the first 27 cars ready in late September 2004 , we start production in February a car 1 per week, but …..

Someone did not love us …. it must have been in continuous victories Schumy F1that the idea of ​​having another winning car from Modena could be annoying?

I do not know … I just know that the visit was anticipated for the approval of 2 months and that meant more ‘than double production.

The flexibility of the use of carbon came to meet us in anticipating the times, but for the mechanical parts (engine, brakes) was not so simple.

A great sprint to get to the day of the photo, the day of the inspection, the only time when all the MC 12 were all together in one place.

If you look closely there are 2 different machines at the bottom, they are not blue because we did not have time to paint them, the last one had the minimum requirement, chassis, engine body, but it was enough.

A successful challenge, the demonstration that be in a company where every 15 days is able to put a winning car on the track (at least at the time it was so, but they will return time…) it generates an approach to life common to all.

All good until they asked us to shorten the nose …



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