Reshoring or….in Italy


We are again talking about reshoring or “controdelocalizzazione” or back  reshoring

Some of you will forgive me for a few repetitions that date back to the group “reshore Italy” Linkedin, but the change of platform I think I can allow a small venial sin …

Let’s start!

If you enter the site above you’ll quickly discover the mission:

Our Mission

The mission of the Reshoring Initiative is to bring good, well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the United States by assisting companies to more accurately assess Their total cost of offshoring, and shift collective thinking from offshoring is cheaper to local Reduces the total cost of ownership .

Well given the mission you will soon find the guilt … the basic tool the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Well, how many reports have announced impressive results of savings going to buy a cast iron foundry in Tibet (-30% !!!) forgetting that between transport, duties, drawbacks, and a lead time of six months all of this will turn ‘in a cost end increased by 10% compared to the foundry to 50 miles away?

Well … throw a few pebbles.

defined as

  • I estimate the cost and not price
    I do a good benchmark
    maybe even do a risk analysis or best Kralijc

I understand that the factory that I made in the Far East 10 years ago, to provide components or finished product in Europe or the United States cost me an arm and a leg, and that every day that passes between the increase of wages, lengthening of naval transport, duties and other costs leads me to a nice throw.

Well, that’s when you start to think about going back, but where?

If I still have the old shed in the background, which I closed thinking of selling it as a supermarket , and cost months of strikes and union negotiations, well I have already the solution, but if I sold the shed, and old workers do not I have more ‘at hand, where do I go?

Here, here ‘begins THE PROBLEM, if I go back where I was before, I know what I will meet but for better or for worse, an area from which I left 10 years ago to a long list of reasons …

OR … I look around. …



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