But why ‘a blog? (english version)

But why ‘a blog? But who do you bother?
Good question, I would say:

“Guilt” by Riccardo Scandellari, Silvia Zanella, Sebastiano and Alberto Zanolli Forchielli and their concept of personal branding,

“Guilt” of a holiday longer than usual in which to find myself, my family (and thanks Alessandra priceless) and figure out what to do what not to do while in the meantime I find the next working challenge.

From here I start to tell a journey, a journey in my interpretation of my work, work for which I declare myself lucky, because I get paid to do something that I really like, ensure that the “black box” called once logistics and SCM today, functions in the mile way possible, using techniques, tools, and especially the matter more challenging’, the man



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