Big Bang in eye wear 2, the revenge…

The last time we broke with the amazement the termination by Gucci ( part of the group Kering ( of the license agreement for the production and sale of spectacles to switch to produce them for their own.

As expected we begin to see the first reactions.

The manufacturers have been displaced and the reactions are of the type “Yes, Yes, so we will have to go anyway, no one invents manufacturers from day to day ..”

True, but up to a certain point, in fact if I were to create a company that makes glasses today, with the budget of a giant like Kering would think to bring home only the best heads of the following areas:

Product development and modeling

Within Kering we have:

Customer Service and Aftersales
Inbound and outbound logistics
distribution network (in this part, however, because they also serve the specialist shops)
throughout the AFC (Administration, Finance and Control)

This means having big potential synergies 

Well, as far as production is concerned, in reality there is still a supply chain (especially in the Belluno) area of small and medium companies are able to give support on all components, if not all of the product, we think of specialists such as Fedon, leader of the boxes (

Morale, in a scenario that could be construed as fiction, in an industry that moves almost 10 billion euros of turnover (so worth the eyewear business) you might find that the major fashion brands can “get around” the big producers.

It ‘s just a hypothesis, but just because the hypothesis does not rule it in advance.

Clearly, a battleship as Luxottica ( can rely on a dominant position in which the domain of the distribution in the world and 3 specific brands of eyewear in the world of its properties such as Ray Ban, Persol and Oakley.

But even if more than Kering LVMH ( and Richemont ( changed their minds?



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