Backshoring and friendship

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 16:45
The meeting takes place at the Savoia Hotel Regency – Bologna

I‘m writing my speech at the conference on Back shoring of 23 September in Bologna.

I have a dear friend, has a number of strengths, defects I mention elsewhere is fair, ethical, and tells you what he thinks in the face (not little).

We were colleagues in a complicated situation and his professionalism, coupled with its strengths humans have been for me a valuable point of comparison, not happen every day ….

Well, when I write about things that I care particularly, I usually compare with him, and this time clearly I sent him a preview of the presentation

After a while, the call comes, “Paolo , so beautiful, beautiful, but too high! You talk  not to business owners but to those who would then make the dirty work!”

Hell! You’re right, this was the desire to demonstrate the need to create a lobby to make BackShoring an opportunity rather than a missed opportunity, however I was wrong mode of communication!

Back shoring yes! someone has to bring home the project, that someone is Manufacturing, Logistics and Purchasing, but especially the Purchasing Department becomes the controller of the supply market and the lookout in understanding the time in which to move a production or supply, and also to understand where to land the system.

Why Purchasing Dept.? the Purchasing department needs to become the owner of the analysis of the performance of purchase and especially the owner of the TCO(Total Cost Ownership), KPI that I believe should be added to the amount of purchases efficiency and the final margin business (but this is another matter) in the KPI reference to a company.

That’s why I like to meet with my friend ….



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