The Global Sourcing still has a reason to exist?

I am asking the question …

I publish an intervention group Linkedi Reshore Italy to understand what has happened in recent months

over the past 20 years, and especially in the last 10 the concept of globalization has been crossed, at least in Italy, with that of Global Sourcing, the Eldorado of Low cost country (LCC) has attracted dozens of companies seeking low labor costs and energy costs interesting ‘productivity’ leaves something to be desired, it takes 4 to make one, but they cost a tenth … 

True, very true, but …

  • the lack of a control room
  • ignorance about the uses and customs of the local

has led to a series of more or less harmful damage,

Do not be approached everything in logic TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), with a true cost analysis, and becoming fascinated not only by the price, has given rise to serious errors

A legal system is not clear and a lot of corruption have also driven supply chains in the places desired by the supplier and not by customers.
Finally, in China, who has made the system (Germany ahead of all) is working with the government and entered into the economic fabric of the area (not only in China), Italians have been unable to create structural interventions.
Today we talk about Glocal, that seek competitive suppliers for local markets, real interesting, but be careful not to give away techniques and skills which will then be used by the local competition.
What to do?
1 – weigh the cost of actions in logic
2- attention to the technical and managerial
3-reasoning over the medium to long term (where I’ll be in 5 years and between 10?)

I am asking the question ….



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